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  Vipassana Meditation and the Scientific Worldview Rating 3/5 I have been following the Vipassana meditation practice for the past two years for mainly spiritual reasons. The practice has been life-changing for me, protecting my sanity and growing me as a person. It’s a meaningful, beneficial practice that I would be honored to share with...
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a book with a man and a woman sihoulette with the title Chief of Staff
Book rating: 4/5 The reason why I read: Currently, I work at Microsoft. My team members call me “a coordinator,” and others call me “Chief of Staff” To know what the industry will regard me as, I want to find a book to list possible deliverables of a Chief of Staff. According to this book,...
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Rating: 2.5/5 It is a textbook, a lot of foundation and no deep-dive. Even though I bought the latest edition, I find it a bit outdated because it does not explain how data and analytics are used in marketing. Yes, there is a separate chapter on Marketing analytics. Still, it only spreads for 3-4 pages,...
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