Book Review | Chief of Staff: The Strategic Partner Who Will Revolutionalize Your Org

a book with a man and a woman sihoulette with the title Chief of Staff

a book with a man and a woman sihoulette with the title Chief of Staffa page listing out the content of the book

Book rating: 4/5

The reason why I read:

Currently, I work at Microsoft. My team members call me “a coordinator,” and others call me “Chief of Staff” To know what the industry will regard me as, I want to find a book to list possible deliverables of a Chief of Staff. According to this book, it turns out I am a Chief of Staff. 

Rewinding the clock, I was hired to manage stakeholder communications by a Chief of Staff at eBay. After reading this book, I wondered why he hired me to do his job. Funny!

I have also seen a lot of organizations eliminating chief of staff roles and building an equivalent arm known as “Strategy and Operations”. So is Chief of staff neccessary? 

My opinion AFTER reading: 

  • Program Managers can become Chiefs of Staff. 
  • I am still questioning the need to hire a full-time Chief of Staff
  • If a Chief of Staff is desired, it’s better to do it as an internal rotation of vetted employees. Roles and responsibilities will organically emerge. 

Takeaways I find helpful to document: 

Common deliverables from Chiefs of Staff:

  • Rhythm/Cadence of the Business
  • Communications
  • Business & financial analysis
  • Executive office budget

Definition of Chief of Staff: What distinguishes chiefs of staff from executive assistants: Chief of staff as part analyst and decision framer, part brand manager, part speech writer, and part coach.