Book Review | Vipassana Meditation & the Scientific World View

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Vipassana Meditation and the Scientific Worldview

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I have been following the Vipassana meditation practice for the past two years for mainly spiritual reasons. The practice has been life-changing for me, protecting my sanity and growing me as a person. It’s a meaningful, beneficial practice that I would be honored to share with everyone.

That being said, I can only give this book, Vipassana Meditation and the ScientificWorldview, a 3. It is vague and difficult to understand, especially for those without a solid Vipassana foundation. If I wasn’t already practicing Vipassana and didn’t have a deep understanding of it and how it differs from other forms of meditation, I would not have been able to understand the book at all.

I value the practice of Vipassana meditation and truly want to support anything that positively promotes it. Unfortunately, I was unable to give this book a 4 or 5 because it lacked inference and relatability, making it nearly impossible to use as a way to share the practice with others.

On a positive note, I refrained from giving the book a 2 because it has been invigorating to consider the relationship between science and Vipassana. They are deeply connected and intertwine seamlessly, providing much food for thought for those well-versed in the science behind the practice.

My introduction to Vipassana meditation has come from first-hand experience. That has given me a starting place for sharing my spiritual journey and how the practice has benefited me. I find that my experience and my journey are a much greater advocate for Vipassana meditation than the scientific theory espoused in this book. While there is value in it and it may be great for some, I don’t believe it’s the right resource on Vipassana for most people.