iOS App Mockup


Canberk Dayan, a Columbia alumnus, reached out to ask for my help making him an app mockup.

We used to be schoolmates at Beloit College. Canberk held President of International Club, and I was his successor, so we shared a lot in commons in our vision and values. Canberk is definitely a hustler, a businessman while I am more on the quiet side. During his second year, Canberk transferred out after getting acceptance at Columbia University. 

In 2017, after a few catchup etiquettes, I asked him about his business idea. He talked about an all-in-one care app for cancer patients (transportation, food delivery, drug delivery. I said, “I will do it for free, brother.” 



CompanyComplete Care Inc.
LocationNew York City
Purposeto present to investors for a seed-stage startup

Fighting Cancer is Hard. Being the Primary Caregiver is Harder. 

I did not hesitate to say yes for free to him. It is partly because he is my friend. It is mostly because I used to be the primary caregiver for a cancer patient (Please allow me to keep this part confidential). 

To Be Continued