Netflix Got Me Thinking!

So yeah, that baby NETFLIX who have been consuming my $8/month for the past 3 years, so my contribution to the company so far has been 288 dollars for three years. By not using this 288, i could have bought each week a small cup of my favorite coffee at the cart near Times Square. But   ask me whether I would unsubscribe NETFLIX. I don’t think so. First, I am a big fan of Reed Hastings. Second, 

So for the past year, Netflix has expanded its market to other countries including Canada, where I am planning to reside. Then recently Netflix signed a deal with Disney to deliver Disney content to audience fresh and cheap. I was looking at its financial statement and holy cow! Netflix’s liabilities are millions, and its future liabilities is expected to increase. 

Personally, short term wise, I still think NetFlix would be doing well, and its stock can be a good buy. I just feel that the saturation point is really close though, with the direct competitors HBO, and soon, everything else online. Maybe it is time for Hastings to shake hands with some competitors to set up Netflix’s app in the TV box, before Amazon gives away for free Kindle, Apple with free iPad and HBO with free antenna.